About Us

Global Support Initiative (GSI) is an international development nonprofit organization established in the State of North Dakota, United States of America.
GSI is involved in international development activities and people empowerment through education and collaborative use of resources to accomplish sustainable solutions to identified community problems. We work with various organizations and professionals in both developed (USA, Canada, Europe etc) and developing nations (Africa, Asia, etc) to provide assistance on health, social, economic, physical and spiritual services to the needy; orphans, sick people (such as those affected by HIV/AIDS), widow etc.
Our approach is to identify needs through carrying out needs assessment, facilitate the use of resources, and coordination of efforts of various organizations to meet the needs of the people and communities. We collaboratively present best practices that will proffer solutions such as empowering people and communities to use all available resources both local and international to meet their needs.
We are committed to improving access to affordable health rehabilitative services. We will work with the government, health care and rehabilitative partners to provide services and resources. At the same time, we will educate the community and organizations on prevention and care of diseases. Also education on nutritional benefits in health support.
Our research activities include collaborative research, need based community outreaches, health promotion and education. Our team of researchers is constantly working hard to ensure that we discover sustainable remedies; supplements and curative solutions that will help improve the health of people in developed and emerging economies of the world.

  • To meet the needs of the less privileged and disabled through the provision of essential services such as food, clothing, shelter, job/financial assistance and spiritual counseling.
  • Work with related organizations and agency to provide needed services
  • Promote partnerships between public agencies and community and faith based groups to meet the local needs
  • Offer technical assistance to help community/faith based organizations build capacity to provide effective services