Health Education

Global Support Initiative (GSI) is currently embarking on projects in North America and Africa. Funding support and sponsorship from partners will be appreciated.
In addition to developmental projects GSI promotes healthy living through the use of natural foods and economic empowerment through the use of natural resources. These are accomplished through the implementation of strategically designed programs:

Health Education: GSI educates the community on the following:

  • Healthy Living
  • Flax and Lignan Nutrition
  • Food Safety

Flax and Lignan Outreach Programs:

  • HIV/AIDS Care and Support
  • HIV/AIDS Nutrition and Flax Hull Lignan
  • Flax and Lignan distribution for healthy living and people with HIV/AIDS

Consulting Services: GSI renders support and services to other organizations especially minority on areas of need. We facilitate collaboration between American organizations who wish to reach out to African or other developing nations.
Development: GSI in collaboration with U.S. based organizations is currently embarking on sustainable agricultural development project in Africa. This involves the planting, processing, and distributing flax lignan in Africa.

Health Research: GSI in partnership with AIDS Research Assistance Institute (ARAI) and International Biomedical Research in Africa (IBRIA) ( as well as other organizations in rural communities is currently conducting clinical studies in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria to prove the effect of Flax Hull Lignan as a nutritional support for people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. Also, GSI is partnering with Faith Alive to carry out HIV/AIDS outreach in Nigeria.

Agricultural Research: GSI is embarking on a collaborative sustainable development research projects that involve working with international and local professionals to empower developing nations to be self-sufficient.

Educational Support: GSI helps to empower academic institutions in developing nations, encouraging international partnerships, collaborative research, and mutual supports etc.

Educational and Leadership Development: GSI in collaboration with United States based organizations conducts leadership development and educational projects in Africa.

Give Light to Africa: This is a Rural Light Project GSI in partnership with Tramelton solar which aims at getting donor agencies to buy at least one solar energy system for rural communities, primary schools and secondary schools in remote villages in Africa under partnership with Global Support Initiative. Also, this initiative will enable GSI to get funding and grants from many governments and international bodies. GSI will work in partnership with Tramelton Solar to deliver the solar energy systems needed for the projects.