Our Mission

Mission: Providing hope and empowerment to the less privileged through collaborative use of resources, by individuals who have different talents across nations.

Vision: Providing Hope...fulfilling Dreams and Visions through support and empowerment

Strategic Intervention: Conduct needs assessement to identify individual and community need. Then gather resources and work with community members to proffer sustainable solution to their needs


  • Providing Hope and support for all through empowerment and meeting identified needs
  • Fulfillment of purpose through empowerment
  • Achieving potentials through empowerment
  • Collaborative health research
  • Community nutrition outreach projects
  • Sustainable development projects

How to achieve goals:

  • Facilitate collaborative research on flax/lignan and other related studies
  • Coordinate multipurpose/multinational developmental projects to meet identified needs across nations
  • Develop, implement services here and abroad
  • Provide training/support to organizations leaders
  • Education: support education, provide health prevention and care (nutritional benefits) education.

Target audience:

  • Individuals, needy, disabled, sick, poor, widow, orphans, disaster victims, global/U.S, financial/ resource support to agencies in the U.S., Canada, all over Africa, and all nations etc.

Mode of operation:

  • Identify needs and gather resources to address these needs
  • We will build an alliance with the country/international agencies
  • Collaborate with existing nonprofits across the world to meet needs
  • Partner with both faith and nonfaithbased organizations